businesses caring for businesses.

What can you share with a business in need?

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no business left behind,

as we return to the new normal.


We are a non-profit foundation created by fellow business owners to simply help

other businesses in need because of this crisis, that didn't find relief elsewhere.

Spending Time.  Sharing Expertise.  Providing Resources.

With any business we share financial resources with,

it is our intention that it be considered a grant,

used for a specific purpose, paid directly to the vendor

providing the needed service or item to the business in need.

This will be a hand shake agreement that when the receiving

business is able, they return the funds to our foundation.

Businesses don't need donations from other businesses,

as businesses are not charities.  A business exists to generate a profit.

When that profit is restored, the intention of the grant (that contributed

to that profit restoration) is it be returned to our foundation,

to help another business in the future.

This is not a hand out, but a hand up,

with the expectation the receiving business provide that same

hand up to another business, as soon as they can.



If you wish to donate funds to our non-profit to directly help a business in need,

it is much appreciated, and THANK YOU for your generosity.

There are no expenses in this non-profit, and thus, 100% of your donation

will go to a business in need, with the hope they return one day.

You can mail your check payable to



2224 Bridgeview Blvd.

Edmond, OK 73003

or click donate button to make an online donation

NOTE:  b4b CARES is a non-profit registered and organized in the state of Oklahoma, and at present is considered a 501(c)(5)



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